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Rabbit Services

Rabbits and bunnies are so easy to love. They are cute and squishy, with charming quirks all their own. They make adorable purring sounds when happy and they even have a characteristic jump called “binkies” they perform when they are in particularly good spirits. Here at Ganaraska Animal Clinic, we can provide multiple medical care services to keep your rabbit in good shape. Just hop on a call with us at 905.885.8151 to find out more.

NOTE : We currently only perform rabbit neuters on male patients and not spays on females.

Is it possible to train a pet rabbit?

Yes! Rabbits are very smart creatures. They can learn to recognize certain sounds and gestures. For example, with enough frequency and practice, they can learn to answer to their name when you call them.

What kind of veterinary care do rabbits need?

It is ideal your rabbit comes in to the clinic for a full body exam and diagnostics at least once per year. Aside from that, they also need certain medications and treatments depending on their health status. Dental work is particularly important for rabbits. Their teeth never stop growing so it must be regularly cleaned and trimmed by a veterinary team. Some rabbits will need more teeth trimming than others, especially those with severe malocclusion (crooked teeth).

How much do rabbit check-ups cost?

Prices will depend on the exact purpose of your bunny’s visit. Please feel free to call us for our most updated service rates.