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Veterinary Exams

Like with most things in life, proper maintenance and care is key. This is especially true for your furry family members. Veterinary exams are a sure way for our team to check if your pet has any underlying health issues that needs immediate action. They will also allow us to recommend lifestyle, diet, exercise, routine and environmental changes to keep them in good shape. Aside from a visual check, we perform bloodwork, urine/stool exams and other diagnostics to see if everything is in good working order. Call us today at 905.885.8151 to learn more about our approach to preventative care.

How often should my pet see the vet?

We recommend dogs, cats and other pets come in for a full examination at least once per year. More checks may be needed if your pet has a chronic health issue, is undergoing treatment of any kind or is at a vulnerable stage of life (e.g. puppies or older pets).

I have an anxious pet that does not like to be around other animals or people – how can they be examined by the vet?

Please let us know ahead of time about this and other concerns you have about your pet’s consultation. We can certainly make arrangements to make your pet’s visit a pleasant experience. For example, we can prepare an exam room in advance to minimize the time your pet spends in the reception area.

Can I call the veterinarian after my pet’s appointment?

Of course! Please feel free to call us anytime during our business hours if you have any concerns or inquiries about your pet’s health. Remember, teamwork between the owner and the veterinary team is crucial to the pet’s overall health and happiness. We are in this together.