Vaccinations for Puppies and Dogs

There’s nothing quite like the joy of welcoming a cute puppy into your home. You may already be seeing their unique personality developing. They may be shy and timid, or loud and rambunctious. Either way, all puppies need to be protected from the most common diseases that can harm them. The only way to do this is through vaccines. Our team is here to make sure your puppy gets all the injections they need so they can start their life on the right paw. Reach out to us at 905.885.8151 if you would like to learn more about our vaccination services here at Ganaraska Animal Clinic.

When should my puppy get their first vaccines?

In general, we recommend puppies get their first group of vaccines when they are 2-months-old and receive booster shots every 3 to 4 weeks until they reach the 4-month mark. It’s important to be vigilant and stay on top of this schedule to make sure the vaccines work efficiently. Smaller breeds cannot handle heavy doses as well, so they may need to come in more frequently as we stagger their shots. Vaccines are divided into two groups: core (mandatory) and non-core (optional, prescribed depending on lifestyle and environment). Below are the vaccines we give to all puppies:

  • Rabies (legally required)
  • Distemper
  • Canine hepatitis
  • Canine parvovirus

    Can my pet be around other animals before they are vaccinated?

    To be on the safer side, we suggest you keep your puppy from other animals until they complete their entire series of puppy vaccines (the 4-month mark). Even then, it is best to wait a couple of weeks before exposing them to other animals or the outside world. That being said, we know how important socialization is for puppies. For example, puppy training classes where the other students are clear of any contagious diseases are generally safe places for young dogs.

  • Last updated: Last updated: October 7th, 2021

    Dear Clients,

    Please see below in regards to our current Covid 19 protocols. We are happy to announce our clinic will be entering in the first phase of our reopening plan.

    Beginning October 12th 2021, we will be allowing clients into the clinic for food and medication pickup only. Doctor or technician appointments will still be run curbside for the time being. We will still offer the curbside option for food and medication if requested.

    1. The following protocols will be in place for those entering the building: - Maximum 3 clients in the building at a time. - Please do not crowd either doorway as our staff still need easy access in and out with animals. - Please continue to pre-order food and medication to make it an easier and quicker process, and to ensure we have what you need in stock before you come to the clinic. - We accept debit and credit as the preferred payment method, however we continue to accept cash or check.

    2. The following protocols are still in place for all appointments (technician and doctor): - We are still operating curbside only for appointments. - Please call the office at 905.885.8151 to let us know that you have arrived and wait for further instructions. Please do not leave a message if you are in the parking lot. Continue to call until you reach a receptionist. - If you do not have a cell phone, please knock on the door. Please also let us know in advance of your appointment so we can make a note. - We accept debit and credit as the preferred payment method, however we continue to accept cash or check. Why are we not opening for appointments yet? - Fully opening is our ultimate goal, however, for the safety of our staff, and clients, allowing food and medication pickup seems the first logical step to limit everyone's exposure. - We hope this step will also alleviate some of the strain on our phone lines and those trying to reach us. - Allowing clients in for food and medication pickup will speed up the amount of time many clients are waiting in the parking lot for this reason.

    3. Hours of Operation

    Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 6:00 pm

    We are closed all weekends and holidays.

    As always, we thank you for your patience and understanding, and we look forward to seeing you and your furry family members again very soon!

    - Your dedicated team at Ganaraska Animal Clinic