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Vaccinations for Kittens and Cats

Yay! Congrats on welcoming a feline bundle of joy into your home. They’re sweet, cuddly, precious but also weak and vulnerable. They need your protection during their early days, as they have not yet developed immunity against many life-threatening conditions. Fortunately, all it takes is some relatively pain-free injections to ensure they start their lives with as much protection and good health as possible. Call us at 905.885.8151 to get your kitten or cat protected right away.

What vaccines do kittens need?

Feline friends can be vaccinated as early as 6-weeks-old. Then they will need booster shots every month or so until they are about 6-months-old. Most if not all kittens need the following vaccines that protect against the most common feline diseases:

  • Rabies (mandatory by law)
  • Feline distemper
  • Feline viral rhinotracheitis
  • Calicivirus

    Aside from these core or mandatory vaccines, your veterinarian may recommend non-core or optional vaccines depending on your unique lifestyle and environment.

    What age should I stop vaccinating my kitten or my cat?

    After their initial set of kitten vaccines, cats should still be vaccinated once every year or once every three years depending on the specific vaccine in question. Unlike humans, cats need constant vaccinations throughout their life. It does not end once they reach adulthood. When your cat is a senior citizen or 10-years-old and above they may no longer need to be vaccinated as frequently, but they still need other forms of medicated protection like parasite control drugs.