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Surgical Services

Certain conditions or injuries your furry family member may have will require more invasive procedures like surgery for proper treatment. Rest assured our veterinarians will employ every therapy possible before opting for a surgical procedure. This may seem like a scary thing, but with our high-spec facilities and veterinary surgeons with decades of combined experience, your furry friend will always be in good hands. To know more about our surgical procedure for pets, give us a ring at 905.885.8151.

Can my pet sleep with me on my bed after surgery?

Depending on the type of procedure your pet underwent, it is not advisable they sleep with you immediately after or even in the weeks following their surgery. You may accidentally disturb incisions causing infections and other complications. You can comfort your pet in other ways by placing a favourite blanket on their doggy/kitty bed or by placing their kennel in your bedroom so you are always by their side when sleeping.

Is it OK to take my pet’s cone off at night?

No. Dogs and other pets can sleep comfortably with their cones on. Taking it off will expose them to possible incision tears, infections and other adverse effects that can complicate the healing process. After your pet’s surgery, we will provide you with all the instructions you need to take care of them at home, so please make sure they are followed accordingly.

What are some side effects of anesthesia in pets?

Most pets have very little to no reactions towards anesthesia. However, those that do experience adverse symptoms. They usually only have them for a short amount of time and they will fully subside. Fatigue as well as failure to recognize their surroundings or family members are all common effects that will go away in a matter of hours or days.