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Spay and Neutering

When it comes to being a responsible pet parent, making sure your furry friend is either spayed or neutered should be at the top of your To Do List. By doing this, you will help ease the overpopulation bogging down animal rescue groups and communities not only here but all over the world. You will also lower your pet’s chances of getting harmful conditions like ovarian and testicular cancers as well as infections and behavioural problems like spraying and roaming. Have a questions about what it means to get your pet fixed? Don’t hesitate to call us at 905.885.8151 and we will be happy to help you with any of your inquiries.

Do indoor pets need to be spayed or neutered?

For sure. Pets are naturally curious creatures. All it can take is a matter of minutes, a window or door left open and your pet may find another animal to mate with. If they are not fixed, your pet will also miss out on the other benefits of the procedure such as longer lifespan and a better disposition (e.g. less vocalization, no urine marking, roaming).

What is the best age to get my pet fixed?

This will be based on their species. Dogs can be safely neutered or spayed at 6-months-old as they should already be fully developed. Cats on the other hand can undergo these procedures at the 5-month mark. Rabbits can be fixed at 6 months. If you are adopting a pet and are unsure of their age, please consult with our team and we can suggest if it is OK for them to be operated on.