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Dental Care

Did you know by the age of 3 years, most cats and dogs will already have dental disease or periodontal disease? It’s a painful condition that can cause tooth decay and infections. The earliest signs are bad breath (“doggy breath” is not normal), swollen gums and tartar buildup. Fortunately, all it takes is a simple at-home routine, regular check-ups and medical-grade cleanings to keep your pet’s dental health in good shape. Call us at 905.885.8151 for more details on our dental care services. In addition to maintenance and preventive treatments, we can also treat complex dental problems.

Do I need to brush my pet’s teeth everyday?

Yes, but fear not, once you have established your routine it can actually be quite easy for you and your furry friend. By putting aside a few minutes out of your day, you can save your pet from preventable conditions and yourself from expensive medical bills. Tools and products specially made for your pet (e.g. beef/peanut butter flavoured toothpaste, foods that promote dental health) can help make the process fun and exciting.

Do pets need to be put under anesthesia during dental cleanings?

Absolutely. We conduct tests to make sure your pet is a good candidate for anesthesia and one of our team members will be monitoring their vital signs all throughout their dental treatment. It can be stressful for even the most calm-natured pets to have sharp tools in their mouth. For this reason, having them peacefully asleep is the best way to prevent unnecessary stress. It will allow our veterinarians and technicians to properly perform exams, X-rays, clean underneath the gum line and conduct any emergency extractions with ease.

Are anesthesia-free or cosmetic dental cleanings good for pets?

Not at all. You might have heard of groomers or other businesses offering non-anesthetic dental cleanings for pets. These are actually quite dangerous. They are only able to clean the surface-level of your pet’s teeth and mouth. They do not go underneath the gum line. This can hide any underlying health issues because on the surface, your pet’s teeth seems clean. Being awake is also extremely traumatic for pets.