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In some ways, bloodwork allows us to read your pet’s health status and genetic makeup like a decoded book. Some factors about their health (e.g. oxygen levels) and hundreds of health conditions can only be detected and analyzed through blood analysis. It is a routine part of veterinary medicine performed by our registered veterinary technicians at an almost daily basis. Call us at 905.885.8151 for more details and to book your pet’s bloodwork appointment.

Is bloodwork safe for pets?

Absolutely. It is also relatively painless. Most pets will feel as if they are receiving just any other injection. Sedation or anesthesia is not required (but can be requested if your pet is particularly anxious or has a pre-existing fear of needles). We only need to draw about 3 ml. of blood to run our tests.
How long do I have to wait to get my pet’s blood test results?

Because we have an in-house laboratory, we can provide clients with same day results for the vast majority of exams. More complex blood tests are sent to an independent lab. You can expect to wait 2 to 3 business days for those tests.

How often does my pet need bloodwork?

Here at Ganaraska, we recommend your pet gets a routine blood test as part of their annual or 6-month exam. Pets who are senior-age or who have a medical condition may need more tests for proper tracking of their health.