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Becky Phillips

Practice Manager

Becky Phillips
Becky Phillips Practice Manager

Becky Phillips has over 20 years of customer service and 10 years of leadership experience.  She started with Ganaraska Animal Clinic in October of 2019 in a part-time capacity to get her animal fix.  She then moved into the full-time Practice Manager role in March of 2021.

Becky has several fur children.  Stubs, Frankie, Michael, Jason and Lam are the felines taking up residence.   A few foster fails occurred for her to aquire them!  She also has 1 dog named Evie,  who probably relates more to cats than other dogs at this point!

Even though a lot of Becky's job takes part behind the scenes, you will often see her supporting reception as she enjoys still having the connection with clients and patients on a daily basis.

In her spare time, she likes going to overpriced movies, reading, crocheting and traveling to new places.